The fashionista in you and me


So what does it mean to be a fashionista? It seems like that they are everywhere these days. They are the frowers (front rowers) of the fashion shows, they show up on YouTube channels and they even start their own labels. They are everywhere! And by no means that I think it is a negative phenomenon, but quite the contrary!

Who would blame one wanting to dress to stand out? Whenever I see someone who would dare to dress different, I secretly wish that I too could wear neon colors and ankle boots and get away with them. Absolute respect for those who dare to be noticed!

Much of my adventure in the fashion world began with a little TV series called “Sex and the City” (how original, I know). Hands down to Carrie Bradshaw the original fashionista! For the first time women everywhere sees that it’s ok to have fun with clothes and be confident in whatever they wear. I was too young to watch the show the first time around (I was a little boy back then and a bed time of 9 pm), and didn’t watch it until I was 19. After that I couldn’t stop exploring the possibility of the fashion world.

I love all the clothes Carrie had her hands on and frankly, who doesn’t want to have a seemingly unlimited supply of clothes (and Monolos!), and the fabulous lifestyle revolving around cosmopolitans, gallery openings and posh restaurants. Not to mention working for Vogue and to be able write about sex at the same time!

Looking back now I was always conscious about how I look but could never quite understand how to dress and what works and what doesn’t. The result? Many years of fashion fails and never realized it. Looking back at your old fashion choices are always a daunting task and we always wonder why we allow ourselves to look like a Christmas tree walking down the street (in my case the streets of Hobart).

I guess we can all learn a great deal from our (ugly) past and hopefully we are making better choices in the future. All in all, I believe there is a little Carrie Bradshaw in all of us (yes, both men and women), all eager to show the world what we are with the clothes we wear. After all, clothing is the quickest way to express who you are without saying anything.


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