Why you should never stop playing dress up

This seems like an innocent enough question. The truth is, it is the one single most important decision I make everyday. It really depends on the day, the mood, the weather, the season, the trend, the occasion, the colour of your hair….. Got my point?

Some days, I wake up knowing exactly what I am going to wear (my trusted Geox leather oxford, rolled up white jeans, green plaid Brooks Brothers shirt and LV monogram belt). Other days I would open up my wardrobe and feel like I have nothing to wear. And there are days that I put something on and change my accessories ten times before walking out the door and just to realize that I missed my sunglasses.

My indecisiveness really takes a toll on my getting ready time. I sometimes take way to long to get ready and if you factor in showering, hair, skincare and the odd days of make up I would take over an hour to get out the door. So how do I make myself pretty while not being fashionably too late?

You know what? Play dress up time!!!

I believe every one of us have a Saturday afternoon with no commitment or girlfriend/boyfriend duties. That’s when we can go through our wardrobe and try things on. Now I know that you know what pieces of clothing you have but do you really know what you have? Sometimes we forgot about certain pair of pants we have or things we never wore. Clothes that went out of fashion could be back on trend right now. In many sessions, I would simply put piece together in different combinations. Tucking shirts in, or rolling pants up really changes the look and the message your clothes speak on your behalf. And after an hour or two, wha-la, new outfits without even spending any money!

We all go through different stages in our lives and our taste and perception of what looks good and what doesn’t changes constantly. Whilst I would love to be able to buy every pieces of clothing I like (right now it is a Paul Smith polka dots scarf and a Calvin Klein black and white top, yes conflicting styles), I (and my bank account) would thank myself later for going through my wardrobe first.

The result? I have standard go-to outfits for different occasions. I have an outfit for: preppy spring university, Saturday brunch, second Saturday brunch, casual dinner, fine dining dinner, high end shopping and general wondering around city. Of course I change small details such as shoes and accessories in accordance of the occasion and the day but it really helps to just know you have certain outfits ready to go and save those few minutes getting ready! Besides, it will help you remember what EXACTLY that you have in your wardrobe. It makes a wardrobe detox so much more easy down the track.

Perhaps one day I will have a stylist putting outfits together for me. But for now let’s just stop daydreaming and work on my outfit options with my favorite feel good tracks on replay! Talk about fun times……..


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