Breakfast, café, fashion, Audrey

No latte for the day. When in Paris, drink as the Parisians do - espresso is in order.
No latte for the day. When in Paris, drink as the Parisians do – espresso is in order.

What’s food got to do with fashion? Surely your breakfast caffeine is not so fashionable that you want to wear it out. Or is it? You may say that food is necessity and fashion is a choice. That’s right, but only those who understand it, gets it. Everything that we do is arguably based on our choice. We choose to snooze ten times before getting up, we choose to drive instead of riding a bike, and we choose to take the lift over walking up the stairs. So here is the question: is choosing flat white over cappuccino any different from carrying a Boy (multi coloured tweed Boy Chanel) over a Lady (Lady Dior with gold metal ware, in patent leather of course)?

I would like to think that every little decision that we make each time helps to communicate who you are as a person. It offers a glimpse of your upbringing, your personality and even mood of the day. We live in a world that we are fortunate enough to be able to make choices (most of the time) as we please. Imagine a world where everyone has to eat the same cereal for breakfast, at the same time everyday? How boring! Let me sleep-in till midday on my 400 thread count sheets used for the heavenly bed in CBD Westin, post a all night long of exotic cocktails and dance fest with a chic and fabulous crowd on a Friday night at the Ivy. Yes please! I will have my eggs cooked sunny side up and delivered to my room in exactly 30 minutes. O by the way and make sure it is served on Vera Wang for Wedgewood.

In reality, I love to get up and dress up on the weekend and go for a stroll down to my local o-so chic French inspired café for a skinny latte and the breakfast board consist of a butter croissant and cheese and soft boiled eggs (plus bits and pieces). I absolutely enjoy sitting there and people watch. The setting of each café is different and attracts a certain type of crowd. Some are trendy and young, some are sophisticated and old fashioned and while some are strictly commercial and offer quick take away service. Naturally I look at how different people dresses and that often is how I am inspired. Lately I am inspired by a lady wearing a cape in a café, making me wonder if I can too pull it off with confidence (the answer is yes).

The fact that people want to spend $20 for breakfast over a Macdonald’s value meals says something (nothing wrong with Maccus, I love their bacon and eggs McMuffin too!) about them. Why pay $500 dollars for a pair of Hunter boots when a pair of gumboot of the same colour is yours for $25 in Kmart? Because baby, it is (a) fashionable (choice).

And then there are those who really get it, those who beautifully combine their attitude and taste level with practicality while keeping everything simple and classy (and sometimes economical). That’s why the bejeweled Audrey Hepburn can get away wearing a LBD casually eating a Croissant early morning in front of Tiffany and Co on Fifth Avenue and manage to be so beautiful at the same time.

But until I reach that level, let me just enjoy my skinny single origin latte and plain croissant with my humble Nobody dark wash jeans.


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