European love affairs

Your feeling is immersed with happiness and excitement. There is a sense of adventure and even a slight sense of danger. All five senses of yours were engaged and you cannot get enough of it. You know this is illogical and irresponsible. You know you shouldn’t but you don’t care. You let the secret desire of yours take over your actions. Guilt can be justified. All you want is to do it again and again…….

Sounds familiar? We have ALL done it. Confession: I have been having two love affairs and it has been satisfying and rewarding. Not that it was anything to be shy about; even my partner knew about them and let me continue seeing them.

It all began in 2014. Every aspect of my life was fine. I was 23 and studying and working at the same time. I have someone who loves me and promised to take care of me for the rest of my live. Deep inside me however, I feel a void that needs to be filled; that there is just this feeling something is missing. I cannot help but look to satisfy this need. I told my partner and we came to the agreement that if there was something I wanted to do, and then I should just go and do it. He might not be my only love, but he loved me so that he was willing to accept all aspects of me.

Both my affairs satisfy me immensely, yet, they are so different.

First came London. It was energetic, fun and always on the go. It gave me energy and a sense of youth.

Second came Paris. It was romantic, sexy and elegant. Paris was the perfect gentleman with an exotic, irresistible accent.

To be continued….


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