Make a wish, a fashion wish

It’s not yet my birthday nor is it New Year, but I always have a few wishes, especially fashion wishes! Nope, I am not wishing for a Louis Vuitton Petite Malle or even a Fendi Peek a Boo nor a Boy Chanel (Garrrrrr! Only if I have all the money!).

Firmly on top of my list is to attend the four major fashion week. Not even hoping for the front row, just get me into the shows!! Please!! Most of us (myself included) can only dream of attending such events but thanks to the Internet, we are now able to watch the shows every season. It is however, nothing like being there to see the models stroll down the runway, showcasing the latest and newest creations (or I see them as art pieces) first hand. Its like watching sports on TV, you see what happens, but never quite fully satisfied. It really is a different experience watching it live.

High up my fashion wish list is the arrival of Lanvin in Australia! Alber Elbaz is a genius! Season after season he manages to create fun yet elegant collections. Who could forget those “LOVE” necklaces? I have only known about this fashion powerhouse for a few years but it sure blew me away season after season. My favourite Lanvin moment however, was the FW11/12 commercial. If you have not yet seen this hilarious clip, I suggest you click on the link below to see it. We see the gorgeous Karen Elson and Raquel Zimmermann dancing to Pitbull’s “I know you want me”. The two sophisticated ladies must have had a blast shooting this commercial.

This is how you dance fashionably - wear Lanvin while you dance
This is how you dance fashionably – wear Lanvin while you dance – 

Picture: Courtesy of Lanvin

Perhaps my most realistic fashion wish is to be able to work with fashion. Whether it is to blog about it, or something more substantial like merchandising or even designing (dreams!), some form of involvement is desired. Life is a funny thing and it will take you to places you never thought possible. If I keep my options open and continue to explore, who knows?

Santa, if I promise to behave for a full year, would you grant me my wishes?

Click link to see the hilarious Lanvin FW 11/12 commercial!



    1. Thanks for liking my post! Your blog looks approachable and blog with lots of great pictures. Very detailed content too! I am just starting out, so if you can give me some pointers too would be great! Thanks!

      1. Thanks! Well, you should probably put a welcoming main image that represents your blog 🙂 And perhaps make your actual posts bigger and more noticable – that’s what would make me read it. Good luck!

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