Fashion Edit | London in Spring

Of all the troubles that comes with travelling, THE number one problem, I decided, was that you do not get to take everything piece of clothing you want with you. Apart from the fact that we no longer own only five t-shirts and two pair of jeans since we were 10 years old, the weight of clothes can add up VERY quickly. Plus all the shoes and accessories that we absolutely need (yeh right)…… Oh, and please factor in the fact that you are going to travel on trains, undergrounds and up five flights of stairs to your rented Airbnb apartment. No these were not fictional, that’s EXACTLY what I did last time on my European trip.

Not wanting to look trashy or untrendy in the fashion capital – A.K.A. France (no pressure there), I packed and packed and packed, imaged what possible occasion I might run into during my time there (what if we needed formal shoes? What if it became warm?). I packed a record two blazers, one jumper, one trench, two pairs of jeans, one pair of trousers, three shirts, a set of thermal underwear, five pair of shoes (you know for different occasions), a necklace that weighted a tonne, a bow tie, a brooch, two travel guides, a diary…………. Which most of them never even touched during the whole trip. Amazing it did not exceed the flying weight limit. I did not think it was that much luggage, until I encountered the luggage-unfriendly Parisian Metro! Try lifting 30 kgs up the stairs is absolutely not on my travelling fun to-do list.

Lesson well learnt. So this time around, I opted for lighter luggage but still try to take as many pieces of clothing as I possibly could without killing my arms in the tube, while still trying for outfit variations. After all, it is boring to recycle the same look every two days (I was going for fourteen). I decided that my hero piece of clothing this time would be my new love, linen blazer. It is perfect for the European Spring weather and it is also extremely versatile. It is far easier to build outfits around one or two pieces of key items then trying to take everything with you on a trip.

So this will be the first of many outfits I have put together in Europe. Stay tuned for the next post as other outfits are revealed……….

Linen Blazer and purple Polo shirt – H&M

Jeans – Topman

Loafers – Louis Vuitton

Coffee – Pret a Manger



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