BALMAIN hits my spots – Balmain Homme Spring Summer 2016

The fashion world is just full of talents. Especially YOUNG talents. The young creative director of Balmain was at the tender age of 25 when he took over the thrown from Chirstophe Decarnin. Meet Olivier Rousteing, the ESMOD grauduate has already had the title of Head of Women’s division in Roberto Cavalli under his belt at the time. Naturally, people are curious whether Balmain made the right choice. Isn’t fashion weeks like exams? Except that for designers, the results can mean financial success or failure for their fashion houses. Now four years down the track since he debuted at the elite fashion house, he is still making great progress, constantly evolving from the old. Rousteing’s first attempt in men’s wear for Balmain SS 2016 REALLY hits all my spots really really well. It is true that the first look from each show determines the overall tone of the collection. It cannot be more true in the case when Sean O’Pry opened the show strong (he also closed the show). Right from the beginning, we notice a caramel, beige and brown explosion. It’s all in the details. We see lace and latticed leather jackets; suede leather belt over jackets; draped long t-shirt; over-sized suede and leather backpack and gladiator sandals worn throughout. The whole collection screams safari in the 20’s. Olivier Rousteing also incorporated a few women’s looks on the runway to emphasis the cohesion between the men’s and women’s collection. The overall theme is prominent and strong. Rousteing did a good job interpreting his vision of a modern explorer. I dare say that safari has never looked this good before. Overall, it is practical for everyday yet refined, all essential elements that make people want to run out and buy every single item off the runway (me!). Go to BALMAIN‘s official site to experience the show for yourself. Watch this British Vogue interview of Olivier Rousteing.

All pictures are from BALMAIN’s web site Balmain (2015) Men’s Lookbook [Image]. Retrieved from



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