Fashion Edit | Gentlemanly in London

Breaking news! You do not have to sacrifice style for comfort!!!  Wonder if you should look good or stay warm? Guess what? You can now do BOTH!!!

Jokes aside, if I have learnt anything from previous travels, it is to be better safe then sorry. Always be prepared for the weather that is. It was a particular cold morning in London, so I decided I needed something extra to keep myself warm in the London weather. It was late April, yet the London weather was unpredictable (as usual). Running back to our rented apartment to grab extra clothing was not optional (we lived 40 minutes from he city centre), so better prepare for what may come our ways during the days sight seeing schedules.

Following my theme of creating outfits from my hero fashion item (being my beloved linen blazer), I opted for a more gentlemenly approach this time. (Click here to see my previous outfit on this trip) To keep warm, I wore this polo style jumper under my jacket. My fitted grey trousers from Zara had a slight sheen in it, which complimented the outfit perfectly. All I needed were my favorite Geox brown leather oxford. Wa-la! The perfect gentlemen outfit well suited for London!

A short tube trip later, we crawled our way up from the tunnel and found ourselves on the Store front of Harvey Nichols. Located at the top of the building, the Fifth Floor at Harvey Nichols has once again proved to be serve one of the best breakfast in the city. Eggs benedicts and egg white omelets were cooked to perfection; the English style breakfast was more then plentiful and staffs were friendly throughout the experience.

With food in our stomach, we walked through the Buckingham Palace Gardens to get to the changing of the guards. My jumper proved to be the absolute hero as bone-chilling wind were blowing at us the whole time of the proceeding at open space. Although the sun was right above us, it did nothing to keep us warm. The actually changing of guards were fun, just not the chilling wind.

We basically run to shelter as soon as the changing of guards finished. After such a workout, more food is in the order! Not wanting to waste time, we went back to our old faithful – Pret-a-Manger for some much needed quick and hot food. Feeling normal once again, we took the tube towards the London Tower Bridge. By this time the weather has changed. The sun is now gone and the cloud above is threatened to rain at any moment. It was all worth it though, the scenery along the River Thames were mesmerizing. It later turned out to be the perfect backdrop for me to pose shamelessly…

Linen Blazer – H&M

Polo Jumper – H&M

Fitted trousers – Zara Men

Wingtip Oxford shoes – Geox

Pearl studded ring – Witchery

To get to Harvey Nichols and the Fifth Floor Bar, take the tube and get off at Knightsbridge station.


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  1. This really made me miss the Harvey Nic’s breakfast. Always the first morning breakfast stop on a trip to LDN 🙂

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