Travel Diary | English Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason

Britain! Britain! Britain! Red double decker buses, the Tube, Harry Potter, David Beckham, red telephone booths, Big Ben. All things British today! It is only natural to do as the British do when you are in the country. That’s exactly what we did. It was just a matter of minutes before we secured our table online at the much coveted Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon. To tell you the truth, we have never been more excited about food. Ever.

Look for the trademark blue at the from of the store on Piccadilly.
I couldn’t say that I was dressed for the occasion, not that I did not put any thoughts into it, but it was a really, really warm day. So I figured that the hosts at Fortnum and Mason could at least forgive my summer friendly attire. The luxurious store locates at the heart of London right in between Green Park station and Piccadilly Circus Station. We arrived at Fortnum and Mason right on time. Right on the ground floor, they sell all sorts of food items; chocolates, tea, coffee etc. All nicely stocked and SO tempting. But we are here on a different mission, so we went straight to the elevator, keeping in mind that we had to come back after our afternoon tea experience.

After a ride to the top floor in the wooden elevator, which must have been operating for decades, we found ourselves at the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon. It was a time travelling experience; stepping back in time to the glamorous past (and still is ) of Piccadilly. Chandeliers hanging from the decorated ceiling. The tea sets were painted the signature Fortnum and Mason pastel green, perfectly set on the crisp white table cloth. Everything screams luxury without being intimidating. We were  taken to our ready made table by two friendly hosts and being shown our menus.

Overwhelmed by the number of options, we opted for three afternoon tea sets. Oh, just in case you have a huge appetite, you may refresh most of the food items and tea options as many times as you like. Knowing this will be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, we shamelessly had everything refreshed once and the tea three times (and different tea type each time). At the end, our friendly waiter kindly offered to have our cakes to be taken away with us since, according to him, no one ever could finish everything.

Traditional English afternoon tea IS expensive; however after factoring in the reputation of this beautiful venue, the live piano music, the beautiful crockery, and tea variety (and enough food to fill up ten people), I conclude that my £40 (each) was well spent. Just make sure you don’t eat anything for the next two days…….

Delicate and pleasing to the eye. Delicious. heavenly treats from the afternoon tea set.
Delicate and pleasing to the eye. Delicious. Heavenly treats from the afternoon tea set.
Be sure to check out the neighbouring street. They are old so chic. My personally favourite spot – the Victoria Beckham store, which is just minutes away on Dover Street.

For reservations for afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason’s Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon, please call 020 7734 8040 or email

Skull print T-shirt: Zara

Pattern trousers: Calibre

Wingtip leather oxford shoes: Geox

Watch: SEIKO

Wallet: LOUIS VUITTON in Monogram Macassar



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