Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall Winter 2015/16 – Beautiful, but I was confused

I was immediately confused by two things as soon as I started watching the DIOR Haute Couture show. First of all, I thought DIOR forgot about music , or that my speaker were broken. I watched the show for the first time on Youtube and for the first 25 seconds I could not hear a thing. My volume was turned to it’s maximum and I did not plug in an earphone to stop the sound coming out from my lap top speakers. No music, no sound from the audience, just mute. It turns out that the music was extremely faint at the beginning and fades in very slowly. I learnt that on the 30 second mark. Thank god my computer wasn’t broken.

The opening look. Sheer and light chiffon... wait this is Fall/Winter?
The opening look. Sheer and light chiffon… wait this is Fall/Winter?

The second thing that confused me were the clothes themselves. I was admiring the drapey, airy, sheer chiffon white dress that opened the show and the garments in a soft, pastel colour palette. Wait…… am I watching last season’s spring summer show? Seeing I am careless sometimes, I quickly checked the video title. It clearly says Fall/Winter 2016. It turns out that Dior isn’t the only house that used soft colours for F/W. See examples from the Atelier Versace show from the same week (wearing floral in F/W, in new trend?).

Having my confusions cleared, I can finally focus on the clothes themselves. This season’s runway is set outside Musée Rodin. The set itself was a piece of art in itself. It featured beautiful hand painted panes of glass to look like Pointillist flowers. The colours are magnificent, especially looking from afar, it looks like a circular scientific research centre but far more chic. According to Dior it is “like an ephemeral pointillist work, thousands of tiny dabs of colour covered  the windows of the structure… and contained within was a whole other secret garden” Jardin secret.

This time, Raf Simon draws inspiration from the past such as the old Master of Flemish painting, while also showing his interpretation of the Christian Dior DNA. We can definitely see the influence of the past from the silhouette, but much more modern in it’s shape. The Belgian designer also show cased a very strong statement in contrast. Chiffon dress vs oversized fur coats. Exposed vs covered. Innocence vs decadence. At first glance, this collection feels more like a ready to wear collection, but as usual, it is all in the details. This time the stand out pieces are the “cannage” jewellery worn on many of the looks. These luxurious chainmail in gilets were draped over several garnets, adding sparkles to the secret garden of Dior.

It is beautiful, it is luxurious, it is glamourous. Everything you ask for in a couture collection. Tho there is one thing that i cannot get my head around, and that is the music. I really wondered how well it worked live as I was seriously wondering if my audio The output were broken. (watch it and see what you think) Although if you watch the show form DIOR‘s site you won’t have this problem.

Experience and learn more about this collection at DIOR‘s official site.

All photos taken from Dior’s web site.

Dior (2015) Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 Fashion Show [Image]. Retrieved from


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