Top five fashionable Instagram accounts you should be following right about now (and mine)

Here is the thing: doesn’t matter who you are, you can always learn from others. As a self-proclaimed fashionista, I constantly look out for new inspirations. We can all go out shopping (or online), but that takes time to go through thousands of products. I have decided that one of the quickest and easiest ways is to turn to social media. Instagram for instance, often keeps me in the knows of the latest fashion news, style trends and products. A scroll through Instagram inspires me quite a lot. So here is my top five Instagram accounts that I draw inspirations from constantly. I am even slightly addicted to them and constantly waiting for new posts form them. I hope they would do the same to you too!

1. Rachel Zoe @rachelzoe

Followers – 1.5 million

Who she is – Celebrity fashion stylist, fashion designer and author. She even has her own Bravo reality TV series  – The Rachel Zoe Project. The Zoe Report also have daily updates of anything fashion.

Why you should follow her – need to say more? She is incredibly stylish for one, and non-pretenscious for another. She posts about fashion news; trends; her outfits and home decor. It is a one stop shop for all your fashion news.

2. Colette @colette

Followers – 598K

What it is –  Colette is where all fashionable people go to see and shop for the latest fashion must-haves. You can find virtually everything from accessories to furnitures, from music to magazines. See here for the official web site.

Why you should follow it – to find out the most hip products and events, even when you are not in Paris (the store itself is amazing tho, go if you can!)

3. Zhanna Bianca @zhanna_bianca

Followers – 271K

Who she is – Fashion photographer, and fashion blogger. Founder and blogger – Only Stylish People

Why you should follow her – She has amazing fashion photographs on her Instagram and blog. She has great style and not shy to post regularly. She also has many travel shots. It inspires my fashion and travel dreams!

Casual #today #Provence #Love #workng @photostudio_Z

A post shared by Zhanna Bianca (@zhanna_bianca) on

4. Tash Sefton @tashsefton

Followers – 246K

Who she is – Co-founder of blog and on-line store They All Hate Us

Why you should follow her – She is great at mixing high end with low end products. There is a down to earth vibe about her style. It seems effortless and feels very achievable. Dresses for comfort!

So far away from Sydney's freezing temp… Today in Venice was a scorcher

A post shared by TashSefton (@tashsefton) on

5. Jenn G @ellandemmco

Followers – 16.8K

Who she is – California based jewlery designer. You can purchase her chic creations on the Ell and Emm web site.

Why you should follow her – she mixes and matches accessories to perfection. She posts about lifestyle and home decors too. Yes I also buy from her (ships world wide).

=====+++++++BONUS +++++++=====

Of course you should all follow my Instagram account too!

Chiky @chikyjr

Followers – 241 (not 241K, just two hundred and forty one)

Who I am  – Hong Kong based fashion blogger. Modern nomad. Coffee lover. Self-proclaimed fashionista.

Why you should follow me – Get instant updates on my blog posts as well as my latest adventures! You can click here to see my Instagram page.

Here they are! My little secret to follow fashion on the go! Let me know what you think about these instagrammers, or suggest who I should follow? How do you follow fashion on the go? Do share!

You should also follow my blog too! Love to hear all your comments and feedbacks. Love xoxo

Title image taken from School of Style

School of Style (2015) Top 10 LA Game Changers #2 Rachel Zoe [image] Retrieved from


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