Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2015-16 – This is how you do couture

Viktor and Rolf turns twenty two this year. In comparison to many other active couture houses, Viktor and Rolf is a baby. This baby however, is a visionary giant in the fashion world. One can never expect anything less than amazing in a V&R Haute Couture show. Though the Haute Couture show for 2015/16 was more than amazing and I was speechless. The two designers opted for mixing fashion and art together and achieved something more than beautiful – magnifique. I personally think they are more artistic installations or performance art than a fashion show. After all, art and fashion have a lot in common. Artists and designers all strive for beautiful creations that is meaningful.

This time V&R has literally turn clothes into art. There is this simple white background, grey runway with minimal decoration. The orchestra music adds drama and a sense of elegance that I love. This is how a couture show should be; put on a blank canvas and let the clothes speak for themselves.

Noa Vermeer opens the show
Noa Vermeer opens the show

I was completely captured by the genius of these two designers as soon as the show starts. Noa Vermeer was dressed in a simple dark blue dress, but on top it was a piece of white fabric that draped and wrapped around the her. The white fabric had some kind of a structured trim, forming these angular shapes around the model. What’s going on? The show continues and the two designers come on stage. Here we go.

The two designers undress the model on stage. No, not completely, only the white fabric part. And hang it on the white wall behind. This is the ar-ha moment. As more looks were revealed, it is clear that the white fabrics represent “canvas” and the structured trim were broken picture frames.

At one point, I wondered how they possibly achieve these effects. Perhaps the designers just went and smash paintings through models and sew the painting up with fabric? The third last look was the best of them all. Marte Mei van Haaster had the job of wearing (in my opinion) the most genius piece of the collection. Viktor and Rolf hung the piece up the wall and turns out to be three small picture frames hanging side by side, with fabric connecting each of them. Mind blown. Talk about literally creating wearable art – art portable. We ended up with five piece of art on the wall at the end of the show. More accurately, we were taken into the gallery of V&R. Twenty beautiful pieces of performance art. I simply cannot imagine how beautiful the clothes would photograph in the many editorial features to come, in major international magazines.

Imagine being able to take a piece of art from your bedroom wall and put it on for the day? My words by no means do them justice; you simply must Watch the Show for yourself. Tell me what do you think below in the comment section. And don’t forget to follow me here and on Instagram @chikyjr .

All pictures taken from STYLE.COM (2015) Fall 2015 Couture Viktor & Rolf [image]. Retrieved from



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