Fashion News | Ask Alexa Chung any questions about the fashion industry. For real.

Looking from the outside, the fashion industry can seem superficial and shallow. Or at least that is what some people’s assumes are. “Then how would I know what really is going on in the industry when it seems like constant parties and champagnes and models and make ups?” you may ask. I personally believes that no industry is easy to work in, especially one that gets judged by EVERYONE.

Screen shot of Alexa Chung in the Video
Alexa Chung in the British Vogue video
British Vogue has once again teamed up with the beloved Alexa Chung (she is so real and down to earth) to come up with a new series where ordinary people like you and me, get to ask whatever we want to know about this unusual industry. The way it works is simple: head to British Vogue’s Youtube page and put your questions at the comment section of the video “Ask Alexa Chung: What Do You Want To Know About The Fashion Industry?”. Or simply clink HERE to get transfered. So ask away!

I absolutely love fashion (hence starting this blog, write about all things fashion) and dream of working in fashion. It is no secret that to be successful in any industry is to have determination and hard work. I constantly have ideas about what I can or want to do and am determined to get in. Perhaps my question is “how does one step into the fashion industry?” and also to ask if Alexa would become my friend?

Pictures were cropped from the Brirish Vogue video.

British Vogue (2015) Ask Alexa Chung: What Do You Want To Know About The Fashion Industry? [image]. Retrieved from



  1. Very interesting concept and glad that you are aspired to be involved in this industry. This industry does give you a glimpse of illusion about beauty, glamour, etc. However, it is also about hard work, dedication, and having a thick skin to deal with constant criticisms. I know, because I have been in this industry over ten plus years worked for some high end luxuries brands. Thank you for this posting and it inspired me to write more “behind the scenes” from my experience in this industry.

    1. I really appreciate your comment! I know it is hard working in fashion but it’s my dream to. And yesssss please write behind the scenes from your experience! I would love to get some perspective from an insider!

  2. Reblogged this on Wang and The City and commented:
    A great article from my fellow blogger, Fashion Collectionneur, inquiring about “fashion industry”.

    Part of the reasons why I started blogging again is to share my own personal stories within this industry. This industry creates a beautiful facade, but in reality, it can be ugly, ruthless and mean. I know this because I have been in this biz for over ten years and I know every dirty secrets about this industry.

    Here is an example from my previous posting,, hopefully you will enjoy this. You all inspire me wanting to write and share more my own personal experience in the fashion industry.

    *Don’t worry, I won’t name any names in any of my future postings. You will be slightly exaggerated in character for entertaining purposes.

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