Beauty Edit | Nostalgic YSL L’HOMME Eau De Toilette

Me loving the unmistakenly masculine scent of YSL L’Homme is a strange concept for me. For the past 10 years, it is something that I though would never happen; let alone owning a bottle. But today I officially inducted this particular fragrance into my ever growing perfume collection.

Why is it such a strange thing you may ask. Let me explain myself.

I remember very well the very first time I ever smelt a YSL men’s fragrance. One of my friend in high school 10 years back had this fragrance on one morning, which I didn’t actually enjoy. It was too grown up for me. (note that L’Homme is by no means a “light” and “fresh” kind of scent). Back then I would depict only men the age of my father could wear. Also the fact that I hadn’t developed an appreciation for perfume yet.

It is amazing what time can change. 10 years later today, I am wearing this very perfume.  Taste changes with time and experience; perhaps I am a little older now and starts to appreciate variety. Yet liking this perfume is still a little strange to me. I generally stay away from “manly” perfumes. If you have a peek into my collection then you will see. I wear Lanvin Arpege (a very feminine, powdery scent), YSL Paris (my favourite scent, rose and violet) and Carven L’Eau De Toilette (light fragrance with citrus and fresh floral). I did set out to purchase Stella by Stella McCartney but somehow I brought home L’Homme.


I won’t bore you with the official review but here are the notes:


It’s lasting power is surprisingly long being a Eau De Toilette. I was expecting a 3 hour maximum wear from it. But it lasted a good 5 hours while being close to the body the whole time.



Perhaps it’s the colour of the golden juice, perhaps it’s the luxe packaging, or perhaps most likely it’s the scent. L’Homme instantly smell “glamour” and “retro”. If every fragrance comes with a theme song, then it is Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans (I am listening to this song on replay as I am writing this post). Both has a nostalgic quality and feel to it, yet it contains enough twist to fit the present day. Timeless. L’Homme instantly remind me of a glamorous Parisian Ball, a room filled with people wearing golden full length gowns, champagnes in their hand chit chatting away about anything and everything, or smoking and socialising on the balcony underthe Parisian full moon.


Some reviews have dubbed it to be a boring generic men’s scent, which is fair enough, as the market now is saturated with cheaper alternative fragrances that contains similar notes. But one upon a time perfume is only for those who could afford them. It is not necessarily that L’Homme is being generic, I would say that it is mass production and fast fashion that killed the glamour of owning a bottle of perfume. Before you attack me about how fast fashion gives people choices and lower prices etc., I am all for lower prices and variety, just that I also appreciate things that take time to be done right with great quality.

I am glad I didn’t just go out to buy a bottle of L’Homme when I was 16 but until now for me to fall in love with.



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