Golden Christmas Series | Gift Ideas

If you are celebrating for this holiday season, you are most likely going to buy a few gifts for the family, friends or the special someone. But chances are, you just don’t know what to buy (or for some of us, we like to do Christmas shopping last minute).

This holiday season, cast a little golden spell for those receiving your gifts. Nothing screams luxury better than gold. Gold is the perfect choice as it often reminds us of that nostalgic, sparkly, luxury feel, which is so often used in luxury stores. It is also gender neutral, and not to mention that the precious metal itself that is worth a fortune.

Of course you don’t have to give the real thing for Christmas to be generous. Just a touch of gold here and there to give the magical touch. Here are nine last minute golden gift ideas for this time of year (or anytime you are gifting)that won’t break the bank.


  1. Burberry Beauty Festive Gold Collection From HKD $165 / USD $22
  2. Apple Watch From HKD$2,728 / USD $352
  3. Nespresso Volluto Pods HKD$5.2 each / USD $0.67 each
  4. Gucci Make-Up From HKD $230 / USD $29
  5. Christian Dior Christmas Collection From HKD$240 / USD $31
  6. Simona Tagliaferri Golden scarf  HKD $ 4,082 / USD $526.65
  7. Paco Rabanne Lady million/ 1 million Eau De Parfum From HKD $540.5 / USD $70
  8. Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Eau De Toilette From HKD $600 / USD $78
  9. Frends Taylor Headphones  From HKD$ 1,163 / USD $149.95

Or if you still can’t find any golden gift ideas that you like,  just wrap your gift of choice in golden ribbon! That will do that trick!


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