Golden Christmas Series | Burberry limited Edition Lipstick

It is almost Christmas, that means this is your last chance to gear up for  the all important Christmas parties you will be going to! This year, in order to stand out in style, just add gold. This season however, try Burberry Gold.



Burberry’s Festival Gold Collection gives such opulent feeling that as soon as you see them, you would literally want them all. And you wish Burberry would make them all year long too…..



The golden collection features a golden bronzer, glowing base, lipgloss in red and gold, glittery nail polish, a My Burberry solid perfume, and lipstick in both bright red and gold. The end result? A work out for my bank account.


No I did not went crazy and buy everything, just the gorgeous golden lipstick. I did buy one other nude lipstick from the permanent collection and the beauty adviser was nice enough to give me a free miniature red lipstick. There, the essential lipstick collection for all occasions.



When applying straight from the bullet, it gives a buildable golden shimmer to your lips. While you can wear it on it’s own, it is best to layer it on top of a bright red shade for that luxurious touch. Did I even mention packaging? The limited edition products are all dressed in gold, embossed with the iconic Burberry check. All these came in a golden gift bag finished with the signature burberry beige ribbon. Honestly, who can resist?


See it for yourself here!


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