Fashion How To – Create Your Own #ArmParty

If you read any fashion or style related magazines, or if you follow #fashion on any social media, chances are, you have come across #armparty. The term basically refers to stacking bangles and bracelets of sorts to create a bold statement on your wrist area. Like the many people out there I was eager to try this but didn’t know how to start, there are so many variations and it is basically down to your own style. For that I have boiled the confusion down to four useful tips for you to follow and achieve your very own stack. Here is my “Fashion How To” tips for assembling my  #armparty, and I am loving it.

1. Know your colour

Are you usually drawn to a particular colour? Does a certain colour complement your skin colour best? I have darker skin so I tend to gravitate  towards warmer colours such as shades of red and gold (which doesn’t hurt since I also love them). Once you have decided which colour scheme to go for, that is your starring point.


2. Know your budget

Yes, as much as we love what we see on social media and dying to replicate Kylie Jenner’s stack, which costs couple of thousand dollars, most of us just don’t have that much cash lying around. Of course, if you are rich, then congratulations, but for the rest of us, we need to be a little more conscious of how much we spend on accessories so we don’t go broke….. From there, we can decide where to get ourselves equipped.  Go to shops where you know won’t break your bank but still be able to afford a few items.

3. Shop around

Make sure you check out multiple stores when building your stack. Chances are, the same store will offer similar style, but in order to create interesting results, mix and match different styles.  The best results are usually from surprising combinations of different materials. One of the best example is to mix metallics with pearls. Trust me, it really can work (see great examples here). It definitely pays to go to a number of stores to assemble your #armparty.

4. Have one stand out piece

While you can for sure stack a couple of similar bracelets on your wrist, adding one stand out piece will create a focal point to your stack. A popular choice is to add a watch, which is both practical and stylish. It doesn’t have to be a Rolex, just one that fits your style.


5. One last tip…

Remember, when in double, just go for it. If you love it, then wear it! Be confident! Be fabulous!


My stack only consists of items from four stores, however, some of them are sold as a sets of multiple bracelets, so I didn’t need to spend too much to get more volume. This is only my first stack and I am sure will update it constantly as there are so many ways you can add and change up the style so easily. Good luck! And let us know how you built your own #armparty!

Details of my stack:

H&M – Set of four chain bracelets

Mango – Set of two bracelets (blue circle and green square)

Agnès b. Voyage – Bangle with a gem stone

Apple – Apple Watch Sport in Rose Gold

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