Beauty Edit | Untitled Goodness In A Bottle

Maison Martin Margiela (or Maison Margirla after its rebranding) launched its debut perfume way back in 2010 and I remember how the minimalistic, chic bottle with its pale green juice inside staring at me, begging to be taken home. The bottle is darn nice. Yes I buy perfume for its smell (mostly) but the bottle itself makes up at least 40% of the buying decision. Untitled would sure add fashion points to anyone’s vanity.
When you first open the outer box, you get a white draw string bag housing the bottle. For the bottle itself, looks as if a clear glass jar is being hand dipped in white paint to achieve the arty effect. The pastel soft green juice inside further enhances the presentation. The cap itself was also tied down by pieces of strings, which you have to either cut or push off to take off the cap. Knowing I am a huge sucker for “wholeness” I would not dare to cut the strings. So it’s ten minutes of pushing and pulling to lossen the cap.
The smell is unisex and I can picture it being worn in any occasion or weather. It is a soft, green scent made up mostly with jamine, musk and incense. It is wearable for most people and is not as feminine as some might think after reading these notes. Untitled also reminds me a lot of Prada’s Infusion D’homme (no surprise there as perfumer Daniele Andrier is response for both concoctions), which I also loved. Untitled is a little less soapy in comparison.


Untitled also comes with shower gel and body lotion in the same scent (which perfume doesn’t these days?). I love the body lotion as I use it as hand cream in the office, it lifts my mood instantly and clears my head just from smelling it off the bottle. If I ever want to layer the scent and have a long lasting effect than I would probably also use the shower gel, but the Eau de Parfum itself lasts quite a long time anyway for at least 5 hours.


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