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I think of skincare as long term investment; you need to put the work in now in order for the harvest later. With that in mind, I consider looking after my skin as an important daily task to ensure a better skin future. You can probably relate to me if you also suffered from crazy teenage break outs like me (yakes!). With the help of all the beauty products I can get, I hope that I will never go through that horrable stage again when my self-esteem is depended on the number of pimples I have on my face. But with that experience behind, I learnt that moisturizing my skin is key to combat many skin problems. Also, by making looking after your skin a daily habit plus a bit of patience will go a long way in ensuring your skin looking younger for longer.


Moisturizing products however, usually show results fairly quickly when comparing with anti-ageing or whitening products. Keeping your skin nice and plumped does not have to be difficult and time consuming, you just need the right products for you.
These two Clinique products below are my current skincare favourites and I will tell you why (I picked these up at Sephora at Sydney a few months back and I cannot remember the prices. I also cannot find the price on Sephora’s web site. Sorry in advance).
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (DDM Gel)

The Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is lightweight and melts into skin so quickly without a trace.


  • It’s light weight – This light weight formula comes in a gel texture as per the name suggests. It melts into my skin in light speed without leaving any stickiness behind. Perfect for the hotter summer months when the last thing you want is to slap on a thick moisturiser on your face and wait for it to absorb.
  • It’s great before make-up – I apply it before putting on my make up to hydrate and prep my skin. It does not cake my foundation like some others moisturising would do.
  • It’s packaging makes it easy to use – this size (30 ml) comes in a squeeze tube, which is easy to dispense the desired amount as opposed to the larger pump version, which limits you to dispense the amount of product per pump. Being a plastic tube also makes it travel friendly too!
  • It’s fragrance free – in winter time I wouldn’t mind a little more fragrance in my Skincare products, but in the hot summer months, it just throws me off a little more in the heat. Plus going sans-fragrance makes it less prone to allergies.

Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

Moisture Surge Overnight Mask hydrates my skin like a dream.


  • It’s great for lazy people like me – this mask requires next to zero efforts. Put this mask on top of your regular moisturiser and then go to bed. You will wake up to plumped and hydrated skin the next morning. Skin is visibly more plumped and hydrated ;it’s that easy.
  • It’s oil free – it suits every skin type. Moisture is important for all skin type and an oil free formula ensures comfort and a reduces the chance of break outs.
  • It’s quick to absorb – takes no time to sink in to your skin and does not feel sticky to the touch. Who wants to wait around for a mask to be absorbed before they can go to bed?
  • It’s moisturising (like for real) all night long – hurray! The product actually does what it is supposed to do! Clinique’s Moisture Surge line is developed specificly to plump drier skin with moisture rapidly. It is specially great if you like sleeping with air conditioning on all night. It helps prevent moisture being drawn out from your skin by the dry air conditioned air all night long.



I cannot rave enough about what wonders these two products do to my skin. I love using them both at the same time, which is what I have done for the last two weeks travelling to Sri Lanka. My skin had to deal with the hot and humid tropical climate, sitting in our car for extended period of time with air conditioned air blowing at my face (our car ride ranged between 2 to 6 hours) and sleeping in air conditioned hotel rooms. Using only these two moisturizing products helped keep my skin nice and hydrated throughout the trip. My skin is usually dried out after a plane ride, but I managed to avoid the usual flaking situation post flights using these two great products!


For oiler skin, you can layer the mask on top of your moisturizer once or twice a week to keep your face well hydrated. For drier skin types, use the mask as often as needed (it can be used nightly).

In case you don’t know, Clinique is a brand under the Estee Lauder Group. They claim to be Dermatologist developed and Allergy Free and 100% Fragrance Free. While I do believe that they conduct allergy tests, some people may still be allergic to certain ingredient. So if you know that you do have sensitive skin, one way to find out whether you are okay to use any beauty products is to try them on the back of your ears or you inner elbows just to be on the safe side.


For more information, you can visit Clinique’s official web site here.
Disclaimer // I am not paid to review the products mentioned. Whenever possible, test the products before using to avoid allergic reactions.


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