Movie Review | Now You See Me 2

I have this habit of going to the theatre, picking a movie and watche it without much knowledge about it’s story. Many times I have not even seen the trailer for the movie so my purchase decision is based solely on the posters and the cast. Why you may ask? I just think that this way it is more objective when it comes to my judgement towards the movie, or perhaps I just like the element of surprise. I like finding out what happens by watching the movie and I feel that a lot of the times the trailers give away too much details and spoiling many parts in advance. For my selection process With Now You See Me 2 (Also know as Now You See Me: The Second Act), it is even more true since I have NOT even seen the first instalment.


So I knew very little about this movie expect it’s release date, it’s magical theme and it’s cast. With all honesty, I based my decision mostly on the cast. Yeah sure the posters look great but would you just look at that cast list for a second? When I saw Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson and Michael Caine in the same movie, I am sold.


So without spoiling the story for anyone, here is what I think.


Now You See Me 2 is a fun thriller that keeps entertaining audiences throughout most of the movie. Director Jon Chu delivered a dazzling piece of cinema magic. The visual elements are rich, colourful and stylish, plus great special effects to complete the many magical tricks on screen. Chu managed to achieve quite a nice balances between humour and drama. The drama and suspense start early on with one major event who gets the cast in some sort of trouble, and then the rest of the story evolve quickly form that point.


The story in itself makes sense to anyone who has not watched the first instalment, which makes it a solid stand alone movie (not the same case for the “Hobbits” trilogy), however, it definitely would enhance the enjoyment of this movie having watched Now You See Me before walking into the cinema. It references in a few occasions the events leading up to this movie, but the average movie goer should be able to figure out what happened base on the dialogues alone. Also, the screen writers put in a few “what’s going on here?” kind of lines to help the audience understand what just happened when the plot becomes a little confusing.


From left: Dave Franco, Lizzy Caplan, Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson share a scene.

With this stellar cast, it sure doesn’t disappoint, especially with Morgan Freeman and Mark Ruffalo; both are “heavy weight” actors and delivered believable performances. Although this may not be their best ever on screen effort; their character depiction felt real and I was even a little empathetic while watching their on screen exchange. Dave Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Michael Caine reprised their roles from the last movie, except for Isla Fisher who was unable to join this production due to her pregnancy. This instalment also saw the introduction of two new characters played by Daniel Radcliffe and Lizzy Caplan as part of the main cast. While the entire cast is great, I specially enjoyed Woody Harrelson’s effort in this movie (hint: he is twice as good in this movie).


The story itself is interesting enough to keep the audience engaged. It provides many

Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo reprises his role as Dylan Rhodes.

twists and surprises in the movie which keeps the movie goers guessing. While this movie is set in the real world, some of the stunts that were pulled off in the story would make you wonder if it is even possible but not to the point that it is becomes ridiculous. Personally I am quite forgiving for some exaggeration and this movie managed to stay within my tolerance level nicely.  I have to say that there isn’t a time when I thought “no one in the real world would do that” throughout the duration 129 minute run-time, which can be hard in movie these days. The movie resolves pretty much all the mysteries by the end; but I wonder how they will continue the story now? And before you ask; yes, a third movie is already in the works.



Jay Chou
Jay Chou as Li.

Also this movie is clever to include Jay Chou, which is a mega star in Asia (he is a singer, song writer and actor. He previously stared in Green Hornet (2011) as Kato), which for sure will help drive ticket sales in the Asian market. Despite having a minor role, he is featured in some versions of the movie poster, which also fooled me into thinking that he had a much larger role in the movie. Perhaps we will see a lot more of him in the up coming sequel so stay tuned for that part.





Now You See Me 2 is a fun movie for someone who likes to be thrilled but not to the point of being scared. It managed to pack so many great actors into this movie and delivered an entertaining movie with a great deal of surprises and twists. It made me want to go back and watch the first instalment and of course I am already excited about the up-coming third instalment.

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman reprises his role as Thaddeus Bradley.

Click here for the movie’s official web site and trailer.

All images taken from Now You See Me 2‘s official site.

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