Beauty | Chanel No. 5 And Major No.5 L’EAU News! (Hint You Maybe Able To Get The New No.5 L’EAU Early)

“Perfume” n. – (kinds of prepared liquid with) sweet smell, esp. from an essence of flowers. (Hornby, Gatenby, & Wakefield, 1963 pp.721)

“Number” n. quantity or amount. (Hornby, Gatenby, & Wakefield, 1963 pp.665)

“5” Coco Chanel’s lucky number.

Chanel no. 5 – The holy grail of perfume. Instantly recognisable. The definition of sophistication and femininity for decades. No. 5 is more than a fragrance; it is a style, an attitude and identity. The epitome of great style.



Chanel No.5 has been the legend of perfume for almost a century, so being able to own a bottle of it is somewhat a pilgrimage experience. Having said that, I was so close to buying one in so many occasions, but I just could not justify the price tag for years (it is after all an expensive perfume). Meanwhile, I have tried the Parfum, Eau De Toilette and even the Eau Premiere version time and time again, I just think that the Eau De Parfum has the right balance of intensity and longevity on my skin. After all everyone’s body chemistry is different so do try them on for yourself before you buy. After so many years of wanting this, I finally gave in at the duty free store while I was waiting for my flight home. I just could not resist the temptation of the Chanel bottle staring at me over at the beauty counter.



I spray on some No. 5 when ever I want to feel glamorous or if I want to lift my mood a little, which is nice since it lasts a respectable 6 hours, after that it just dries down to being barely noticable even when I sniff the sprayed spot on myself. Somehow with this around my body, I feel confident and powerful. We all know that scents are powerful, they can trigger memories and do all sorts of great things to your mood and thats where aroma therapy comes in. So No.5 must be doing some great therapy to me (thank me later for giving you another reason for this purchase).  It does leave a strong but pleasing trail of the scent behind as you make your way down the street but I guess that’s part of No.5’s magic to turn heads. And of course, now you have earned your right to do as Marilyn famously did, going to bed wearing “a drop of No.5 and nothing else”.


To explore Chanel’s No.5’s origin and more, I suggest to watch this video below by Chanel.


Now, if you ever think that Chanel cannot possibly expand it’s legendary No.5 family any further, think again! In September 2016, Chanel will indeed launch a new interpretation of No.5 called No.5 L’EAU. Which is the newest interpretation of the house’s classic No. 5 perfume. According to the perfumer Oliver Polge who is the nose behind this version, it will be “the freshest version of Chanel No. 5”. With notes such as lemon, mandarin, bergamot, orange, aldehydes, jasmine, ylang, ylang, sandalwood and cedar (Robin, 2016), I simply cannot wait to smell this fragrance and have already signed up here for the chance to enjoy it earlier. So mark your calendar and in the mean while, I am starting my Chanel No.5 L’EAU fund…


The New Chanel No.5 L’EAU will be available in September 2016. Photo credit



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Disclaimer// I am not paid to review any products mentioned.


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