Beauty | July 1st Ramble, June Beauty Product Empties Plus One Beauty Product Fail

I woke up this morning with a strange feeling and realised a few things. It is a public holiday here in Hong Kong ; it is the birthday of two of my cousins overseas; and it is also Canada Day.


Hang on, wait a second, it is 1st July, meaning we are already half way through 2016. Oh my lord but where has the time gone! This is that feeling people refers to when they say time goes extremely quickly after 25? Every year seems to pass by quicker and quicker…



Enough of my ramble and off to my next topic. Beauty product empties. I also decided to include one fail item here. I initially wanted to wait till I have collected several fail items to make it a more substantial post, but I just could not wait that long since nothing else seems to be failing as much as this item is, plus I just want to get rid of things that I have no use for to make room for other wonderful products that I would happily keep.




First up is the Kosé Suncut Essence In UV Protect Spray SPF50+ PA++++  50g (USD$6.5 Buy here). We all know the importance of wearing sun protection daily. Excessive sun exposure can cause premature ageing of the skin, wrinkles and spots, along with the increased chance of skin cancer. Wanting nothing to do with all those mentioned, I make sure I put on sun screen on a daily bases. I was shopping around for a sun screen in preparation for my two week tropical getaway trip to Sri Lanka I went onto recently (more of that coming soon), since I was expecting to get lots of sun exposure. There are a few reasons I picked this product up. First it is a spray, which makes it super convenient to use; the mist comes up evenly and it is very cooling, perfect for the hard to reach places. Secondly, it is SPF 50+ with PA ++++, which means it supposes to keep me shielded from both UVA and UVB rays so I don’t get burnt or get too much of a tan.  Thirdly, it is fragrance free, which I love as I am not really into the classic sunscreen smell or any other smell covering my entire body for that matter.


I have to say that I am a little disappointed about this product. I love the packaging and how lightweight it is and how easy to use. I don’t feel like it has done much to protect my skin. Sure I did not get burnt, but it certainly did not keep me from getting too dark. I get tanned quite easily and I was hoping that the PA++++ would somewhat reduce my tan. Another problem for me is that it does not last at all. I have been spraying it all over my body twice daily during the trip and it was used up within a week! This costs only USD$6.5, but since it did not perform the way I wanted it to, I will not be buying this again.




The second emptied item is kind of related to the first. I got really dark from my Sri Lankan trip (partly due to the sunscreen spray) and after I come back from my trip, I wanted to brighten up my complexion as soon as possible. I do have a few toners in rotation but I have been using the Lancôme Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Refining Beauty Lotion Moist 200ml (USD$50 Buy here) as my toner pretty much exclusively, for the one reason only; it is a whitening toner. I mean I do not expect it to make me pale white and it is certainly not my aim, I just want to brighten up my complexion. Frankly my skin looked really dull.


It is a very nice toner indeed and I love everything about it. All you need is to put a few drops of this onto your cotton pad and wipe it all over your face after cleansing morning and night. It has a very watery texture and is super refreshing. It also does have a nice soft fragrance that reminds me of cotton blossom. With Sakura extract, it preps my skin with abundance of moisture and ready for any serum that follows. After two weeks of continuos usage, I saw improvement to the dullness. Now, this toner is on the pricier side, but seeing the result makes every penny worth while, plus a little bit really does go a long way. A 200ml bottle lasted my a good four months (I have been using this consistently for three and then added some others into the mix along the way). I am tempted to get another bottle right away, but frankly I have way too many to go through and test out (stayed tuned for other reviews), I will put this back into my skincare mix perhaps in a few months time.




The third emptied item is Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser 150ml (USD$22.5 Buy here). I  received this 30ml sample size cleanser almost a year ago from a friend but never bothered trying it until recently. Let me tell you, this is a game changer for me; I just wish that I found this cleanser sooner! I have loved Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque a long time ago, it is by far the best clay mask I have ever used. Somehow I never purchased another Kiehl’s product until now. Years later I have re-discovered Kiehl’s and I have fallen in love all over again.


It comes out of the tube in a creamy wet clay texture and does not foam after mixing with water. The Amazonian White Clay and Diatomaceous Earth are detectable but very finely grind to work as exfoliants and to help detoxify skin. What I love about this cleanser is how nice my skin feels after the cleanse! Normally when you hear clay people are quick to assume it is drying and strips moisture from the skin, which is often true. Not with this cleanser. There is no tightness whatsoever. I am guessing that the Aloe Barbadensis has done its job to sooth the skin as it claims to do. The exfoliants also provided a very fine polishing effect and does not feel corse at any point of use (of course do not put too much pressure when cleansing with any product, ever). I am so satisfied that I have already replenished with a full size tube before it had run out so I will never be short of it. It worked amazingly on my combination skin where I have a lot more shine on my t-zone. I imagine it would work on most skin types, except perhaps the really dry skins.




Now I have want to quickly mention a fail product. I wanted to get into the whole nude lip game, which is still going strong. So I picked up the Essence XXXL Nude Lipgloss 05 Just Nude, hoping that this will finally give me the perfect nude lip I always wanted. I want to like this product, I really do, but it turned out to be very disappointing.


Firstly, it is extremely heavy in fragrance. It is so overwhelming to the point where I just cannot stand it any longer. It smells overly sweet and artificial and it just would not go away. Secondly, it is not nearly opaque enough on its own to be wearable as a true “nude” gloss. It has somewhat a pale coral colour to it, but it is just too sheer. Thirdly, it settles into the fine lines of the lips. The pigment all settle into the fine lines, which exaggerate the look of them. A huge no for me (or anyone with a darker lip for that matter). At this point I still had not given up hope completely and think that maybe it will work to add shine on top of a lipstick.


I was wrong.


Well I cannot say that I was entirely wrong; it did add shine to the lip, but at the same time, my lips look gross. I tried it on both a nude and dark brown lipstick and achieved the same result. It basically liquidifies the lipstick below it a little and brings those pigments into the fine lines and magnifies them. Thanks! So that I could see every single line on my lips. Attractive! Never mind, this goes into the bin.


Sorry for such a long post, but I hope you found some of the things I mentioned here useful. Make sure to like this post and let me know in the comments if you have tried any products that you are absolutely horrified about.


Cheers! Xoxo


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