Fashion | Anya Hindmarch Will Pixelate Your Photos

The fashion industry have moved along with time and embraces technology in a big way. Online stores are open 24/7 to global customers; computer softwares allows for greater efficiency along the design process; and fashion shows are now seen by millions in real time thanks to high speed internet technology.


Anya Hindmarch, like numerous other fashion brands, jumped onto the bandwagon of computer technology. For the A/W 2016 collection, they want to explore whether digital designs are “art”. This time, the theme is to focus on pixelation and colour, and brining it back to the beginning of 8 bit graphics and old-school archive games. I was never a hardcore gamer, but these prints are making me nostalgic as a 90’s child!



The fashion house also released a smart phone application, PIX by Anya, to accompany the collection, which allows you to pixilate your photos! You can choose from four styles of pixels and adjust the degree of pixilation as you please. It allows you to share your unique image onto your social media platform, just pixilated!



It is honestly so much fun playing with this app. It also made me wonder, what a different world it would be if technology never moved passed the 8 bit graphics?


PIX Logo


PIX by Anya is available to download from Apple Store and Google Play.

Shop the A/W 2016 collection here.

Watch the full Fall/Winder 2016/2017 Full Fashion Show below.



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Photo Credit: Anya Hindmarch


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