Beauty Edit | The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation – First Impression

If the nightmare of having to choose only one make-up item to have for the rest of my life, it would for sure be foundation. Thankfully this beauty lovers’ nightmare is extremely unlikely to happen, but can you imagine for beauty lovers alike, how awful it would be to have to choose?  My point is, I am a big believer of having a good base for everything; and make-up is no exception. Your face is the blank canvas, the starting point of any make-up look. If you can make your base flawless, you have already won half the battle.


Using a flat top foundation brush and a Beauty Blender for this test


I constantly look out for foundations and they are absolutely my “thing”. I have currently probably over 10 foundations and BB/CC creams. Who needs that many anyway? No one does. But any beauty lover will tell you that make-up is addictive and I sure have a substance abuse problem. Once again my addiction have overcome my logical sense when I impulsively bought The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation SPF15 while in transit at the airport. I wasn’t really looking for a new foundation at the time since I literally just purchased one a week ago, but once I started talking to the sales associate who were extremely friendly, I just couldn’t say no. I normally isn’t the type who would buy anything  under pressure, but I figured that one more foundation wouldn’t hurt right? Maybe this one will be my new best friend?


The rules


So today we are putting it to the test for the very first time. I have not used this foundation before, although I let the sales staff colour match me on the face/neck but have not worn this on the full gave. For this first impression, I will be priming my face with my regular moisturiser and Dior primer. For the right side of my face I used my favourite method of application by dabbing foundation on with my trusty Beauty Blender; the left side, I applied with my Innis Free Master Foundation Brush to blend until even. I applied loose powder to set and mattify everything and also highlighted the high points of my face tas per usual. I did not touch up throughout the day and will check in every few hours to see how it wears on the skin.


The Test 


Skin without make-up

1:00 pm – as usual, I squeeze the foundation on the back of my hand for application (I ended up using almost one pump for each side of my face). Right off the bet, I like the consistency of this foundation. It is not too liquidly where it drips off your hand, but not so thick that it would not move at all. The formula does not feel oily and it does glide on tomy face nicely.  Although it says “24H Fresh Moisture” I personally would not rely on my foundation for hydration since my skincare would be sufficient but none the less it is nice to know it won’t dry you out. For the fragrant, it is a little hard to describe – some what a blend of floral and fruity, similar to some of their body products if you know what I mean. By no means it is heavy and the fragrant goes away seconds after application anyway.


1:00 pm – At time of application


I did the left side of my face with a flat foundation brush and using a Beauty Blender for my right side of my face. Right after application of one layer, I could not see any differences between them. The foundation did a good job correcting my overall skin tone. It brightened up my darker forehead and the redness of my cheeks. My under eye circles were mostly covered. I am pleasantly surprised with the medium coverage it gave me. So at this point I decided to skip my under eye concealer. The foundation however, does give you a slightly dewy finish after drying, which I just powder over to get rid of any shine. For those looking for a slight glow this may be a good one.


3:30 pm – 2.5 hours into initial application. The temperature is really trying to give this foundation a good run for the money. It is a 30°C+ day with rocketing humidity, definitely giving it a true test. Although a little bit of shine has come through on the nose, the rest of my face managed to stay relatively shine-free. It also managed to stay away from oxidisation – a positive for any foundation. When I met my friend a little later that day, she commented that the side of my face where I used the Beauty Blender looked slightly more natural and smooth.


3:30 pm – After 2.5 hours of wear


10:00 pm – 9 hours since initial application. By now my face have pretty much turned into a grease ball. All over my face I could see major sebum secretion; especially on my nose and forehead, which both are rocking some serious shine. I did expected some shine, but this is definietly a little more than I expected. I blotted with dampened tissue paper and that pretty much took care of the shine situation. Quite a bit of foundation came off on to the tissue paper but the foundation on my face remained fairly smooth.



10:00 pm – After 9 hours of wear




  • Comes in a pump bottle, which makes it more hygienic when dispensing products, keeping it away from bacterial and fresher for longer
  • Contais SPF 15 for sun protection
  • A fairly accessible price of HKD $229 for 30 ml
  • Not cakey on application, no creasing nor movement throughout the day
  • Does not oxidise, the colour stay true the whole time while its on the face
  • Nice buildable medium coverage
  • Provides a slight glow to the skin



  • Glass bottle is heavier than plastic bottles making it less travel friendly
  • Not suitable for oilier skin type, need blotting and powdering occasionally to keep the shine off
  • The texture is a little too thick for the hotter weather
  • Although it is dermatologically tested and claims to be suitable for sensitive skin type, it does contain perfume and may still be allergic for some




I have a bit of a mixed feelings for this product. Although I liked the amount of coverage it gave me with how little the amount of product I used, it did leave me looking quite oily by the 6 hour mark. Yes knowing that this is not a mattifying product plus it was a 30+ degree day outside, deep down I still had a pinch of hope that it would work in such condition. I have to say however, that the foundation looked great initially, which melts into your skin beautifully and coverages up most imperfections. I felt that should I have used less amount of product it could have given me a less oily face. For the price of HKD$229 for 30ml, it is on the lower side of the price spectrum, making it fairly affordable.


The Verdict


With this foundation, you need to be aware that it is not going to work out too well for oilier skin type or during the summer months – at least not without blotting and touch ups once every few hours. So if you have combination to oily skin type and you want a hassle/ touch-up free foundation, then this is not for you; but if you don’t mind touching up occasionally, then go ahead and try it since it is actually a nice affordable foundation. I imagine it working great for the drier skin types, and I suspect that I would have enjoyed this product a lot more if I was testing this in the drier winter months. I have to say however, that this would be a great everyday foundation since it is quick to apply and gives enough coverage that you may skip the concealer, meaning it will save you time in the morning and be out-the door in five minutes. For combination skin, I would recommend trying a lighter textured foundation such as the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua SPF15, which gives a similar medium coverage result but with much less bottling action required. It also feels much more hydrating. I am still hopeful for my Body Shop foundation tho, just wait till winter is here.


Click here for more info. from The Body Shop’s web site.



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Disclaimer // I am not paid to review the products mentioned. Whenever possible, test the products before using to avoid allergic reactions.



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  1. That is a great review! 😊 I loved how you did little “check ins” in every few hours. I have use few of their makeup products and they have left me a great impression. I mostly use skincare and shower products from body shop. I also write about them quite often, so you might want to check out my blog 😊 Adryana xoxo

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