Beauty | Stop The Press! Louis Vuitton Debuts Fragrance Line – Les Parfums Louis Vuitton – In September

Yes, I can hardly wait! Also yes, I cannot decide if I want this or the new Chanel Number 5 L’Eau more , which coincidentally (not!) also launches in September. However, being the much antipicated debut fragrance collection, I think Louis Vuitton will likely to capture more sales right off the bat than Chanel. Knowing the fragrance is by Vuitton, the name alone will draw in millions of sales in the first few weeks. I can imagine the majority of the early adapters being die hard fans of the brand; while fashionistas, beauty lovers and perfume critics follow closely.


This line of fragrance, adequately named as Les Parfums Louis Vuitton, is finally being launched in September 2016 after much delays. In an effort to hype up the launch even more, the French fashion house gave eager fans a sneak peek into the inspiration behind this collection on it’s YouTube Channel. There are videos talking about a “signature leather scent” and “exclusive flowers”. The biggest clue however, lies on Louis Vuitton’s Youtube banner page, showing the seven scents and the bottles that house the perfumes.


Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 7.39.07 pm
Louis Vuitton’s Youtube Homepage


We see seven ultra chic, minimalist bottles, containing the juices, all lined up on the banner. According to Now Smell This, the notes are as follows:


Mille Feux ~ a leather fragrance with raspberry and osmanthus. [Additional notes include iris and saffron.]

Contre Moi ~ an oriental with vanilla, orange blossom, herbs, rose and magnolia. [Additional notes include ambrette and bitter cocoa.]

Rose Des Vents ~ a sparkling floral with rose, iris and cedar.

Apogée ~ a delicate floral with lily of the valley, rose, magnolia, jasmine, guaiac wood and sandalwood.

Turbulences ~ a heady floral with tuberose, jasmine, magnolia, rose and leather.

Dans La Peau ~ with leather, musks, jasmine, daffodil and magnolia.

Matière Noire ~ an oud fragrance with narcissus, jasmine, blackcurrant and patchouli. [Matière Noire is described as a modern chypre.]


Words on the street is that the fragrances will be available as 100ml and 200ml (refillable), as well as travel and minature sets. A leather suit case is also available separately to hold three 100ml bottles. Now if any of you really want to save money, you can purchase just  the refills and save at least $50 per scent. It is quite a bit of savings, but I just cannot imagine many people doing so, simply because of the oh-so-chic bottles. I, however, think that the leather case is a bit of an over kill (but would be so nice!).


Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 7.40.45 pm


I don’t know about you, but being a big fan of the house, I am dying to get my hands onto one of these beautiful suckers…


Prices are 100 ml ($240 or $150 for a refill), 200 ml ($350 or $300 for a refill), travel spray set ($240), miniature set ($240), leather suitcase ($4900).


Watch the fragrance videos by Louis Vuitton below


All photos from Louis Vuitton’s YouTube page.

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