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Boy oh boy.


Doesn’t Chanel just keep brining out nice scents time after time? Not too long ago, Boy Chanel joins the Les Exclusifs De Chanel line, meaning they are available only at stand alone Chanel beauty boutiques. Perfumer Olivier Polge drew inspiration from Arthur “Boy” Capel , a lover of Coco Chanel, as the inspiration for this scent. Naturally, being (somewhat) a perfume enthusiast I really wanted to try this out, and so I did when I walked passed a boutique one day. Among the same exclusive line, I have tried and liked 1932, Beige and Gardenia. Boy Chanel follows the same train and did not disappoint.


On some days I am all confident marching into shops trying products, on other days I feel intimated to even walk through their doors (Maybe it is just me or do any of you experience the same thing?). It was definitely the latter when I visited the Sydney store at David Jones (funny they have the exclusive line at some department stores but not all). So I sneaked up to the perfume displays while the staff was distracted by an actual shopper, picked up the bottle, sprayed some on a card and quickly walked off. Mission accomplished in under 5 seconds!


Boy Chanel smells exactly how you expect a Chanel perfume would, in a good way. It is soft, sophisiticated and elegant. For me I prefer it on my body than on paper, where its smells a little sour (just ever so slightly) at the opening, I am putting my money on the lemon and grapefruit. When sprayed on my wrists, it was much warmer where the sandalwood surfaced quicker with my body temperature. It smells nice without the sharpness I found on the blotter. Every note is being used lightly and balanced, so you will never any note being particularly overpowering than others. The parfum dries down fairly nicely too on skin with the vanilla being most noticable at this stage. It absolutely is a unisex fragrance, which I really appreciate. I left without a bottle that day but thought to myself to purchase one for a special occasion.


A week went by and seemingly the occasion arose. I was just looking for birthday present ideas for myself and I remembered Boy Chanel. Without hesitation I rushed to my local store, ready to get my hands on my boy. It was all going well, all signs were pointing to a fairy tale happy ending. But strangely enough, by the end of the day no Boy came home with me.




Before you ask me why; or to jump off your computer and rush to your closest Chanel beauty store, you may want to hear about the money factor. Boy Chanel comes in two sizes;the 75ml will set you back AUD $285 and the 200ml bottle is priced at AUD$470. Now, no matter who you are, over $200 is expensive for a perfume. Yes it is made with fine ingredients; yes it is (somewhat) exclusive; and yes you are also paying for the Chanel brand name. Oh and one more thing, the slight powderiness of Boy did remind me of my Chanel Number 5 Eau De Parfum, which I have only made a dent on since June. At this stage, I just can’t justify for the price (I am aware that they are expensive before I went in, I just could not). For now though, I will just linger on the thought of me being apart from my Boy (not for too long I hope).


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