Travel | The Ultimo Hotel Sydney – Easy On The Eye, Good For The Wallet

I have always enjoyed travelling and in particularly, staying at hotels. With a background of Hotel Management; plus having worked for 4 major international hotel chains, you can hardly blame me for wanting to know how each of my stays stack up on my personal hotel-metre. When it comes to hotel stays, I can usually be the most hard-to-please, almost to the point of being cruel. Point being, I know how each hotel department should work together to create a great experience for each guest.




Recently, I had to book a very last minute trip interstate to Sydney for a quick overnight stay. Options were very limited since I pretty much booked the hotel and flights the very same day of travel; plus the location must be in the CBD area. Just when I am pulling out my hair, this little hotel came to my rescue. The Ultimo Sydney is a newly renovated, freshly re-branded boutique hotel in the heart of Sydney (formally Aarons Hotel Sydney, you will see my pictures with the old logo from a week ago). Located just 10 minutes walk from Central Station, meaning only a short train ride from the airport and no transfer required. In the middle of Ultimo, it is only a 2 minute walk to China Town and shopping centre, meaning you have access to many food options and shops at your doorsteps.


As you step into the hotel, you are greeted by the fresh aromatic scent at the lobby. The decor is modern and minimalistic, with a touch of warmth and sophistication to immediately lift your mood. Check in was quick and informative without being dismissive. Walking through the newly painted corridors, the fresh scent continues all the way to your door. The grey and white style decor continues to the guess bedroom and the ensuite bathroom.



Now remember when I told you that I am very critical to each detail of the room? Well this is the time when I notice all details in the room, because to me, the room that I get to sleep in is the most important aspect of the stay.


As I stepped into my queen room, I was pleased that the room is on good level of cleanliness with reasonable sized space within. The firmness of the queen mattress is just right, I did enjoy lying in bed, sleeping under a nice heavy quite. You have total control with the in room air-conditioner so it is confirmable all the time.




The bathroom however, is on the narrower side as you can see in the photos. When you do use the toilet, you will come into close eye contact with the wall in front of you. There is barely enough room between my knees and the walls. Keep in mind that I am fairly short with only 165 cm in height. The hotel does provide the usual towels and bathroom amenities except for the dental department. To my surprise, it was even equipped with a hair dryer. Using it, however, is another story. Is it me or is it weird that there is no power point anywhere in the bathroom, nor near the bed head? You rely solely on the power outlet on the wall next to the bed for all your electrical appliences. As the layout of the rooms vary, it is likely that only a few rooms have this problem.



The queen room also lacked the distinctive work desk, which is not a big deal for me, but would be quite inconvenient if you ever want to get some work done during your stay. You may also notice the absence of a wardrobe. To save space, the hotel’s solution is to provide a few hangers hanging on a single nob in the room as shown in my photos. Not to be overly critical, but if you have more than three items that needs hanging, you are doomed; not to mention that you have no where else to hang cloths at, meaning you will have to hang garments in front of each other, making it just slightly annoying to access.



There is a restaurant attached to the hotel but lack any room service facilities but quite frankly, with only a small mini bar fridge and no table in the room for dining, you are much better off going out to eat at one of the great restaurants close by.


Don’t get me wrong, I knew well in advance that this is intended to be a budget hotel. With that in mind, The Ultimo Sydney has done well in terms of making it feel more expensive than it really is in styling. If you are ever in town for just a quick stay, or if you would be out to explore all the glory the city has to offer for mist of the day, this hotel really is a nice little gem.

For rates and availabilities, head to the hotel’s web site.

Disclaimer: I am not paid in any shape or form for the review.

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