Fashion | Taking It Outdoors (Part Two)

Welcome to the Kenzo for H&M photo shoot part two! If you missed part one from last week, here it is. It was a magnificent day for a photo shoot at the Torquay Front Beach. This sea side town really is a piece of hidden treasure for wave lovers and for those who loves to get away from their busy routine. It is easy to forget that you are still in the same country after spending just half a day in this leisure town, consider it is less than 2 hours from Melbourne driving. Just look at the perfect stretch of sandy beach in contrast with the beautiful turquoise dyed ocean.

So here it is, more of the easy dressing style for the everyday gentlemen, featuring the Kenzo for H&M collection (sorry for squinting, it really was a sunny day). You can also read about how I got my hands on these lovely fabrics here.


Appliqué T-Shirt: Kenzo for H&M

Shorts: Satch Men

Bracelet: Recovery

Pocket Square (worn on wrist): Prada

Sandles: Rememberclick


Special thanks to my great friend Kate for taking my pictures!


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